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rafael tierni

With originality and style of the interior designer born in Santos and raised in the capital of São Paulo, Rafael Tierni has the extravagant Brazilian rhapsody and now with an office in the East Coast of US located in Miami.

The Designer who graduated from Senac São Paulo as Interior Designer continued to change shape immersing in Architecture.

For several years dedicating himself to knowing and identifying the essence of each client to bring life to many projects with the need to understand their lifestyle and being able to create an identity and personality to each project, making it the individual and offering the maximum comfort and well-being.


With great determination and organization, taking on various architectural and remodeling projects and able to provide a complete interior profile. With impeccable interiors still full of elaborate ornaments, vivid colors, textured wood and modern furnishings.

The functionality, style and dynamics of his culture combined with the contemporary layout create comfortable living spaces, embracing sensations and adding exquisite details, looking for simple solutions that make the lifestyle unique to each client.

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